monstercat rambles

on and on and…

The memory of you,
like a rope
slipping out of my hands
leaving me with nothing to grasp
falling into an unknown depth
dark a
nd heavy

With eyes closed
to block out the young shades
of yellow and orange
I can still smell summer
and its mature shades
of green and blue
I begin to wonder
if we can ever get back
to where we were
Letting you see
my eyes
was the mistake I made

Seeking refuge
A cave in the mountains
With a silence that deafens and loneliness that comforts
Some place where my only friend is the wind
Long conversations that echo
Gone and forgotten


Twin Chuckies.JPG

I feel cagey
in the place between the edge
and the fall
between the knowing, understanding
and the forgetting
between doing what's right
and what's dangerously satisfying
between love, hate
and muse


Lake Michigan, Frankfort

When I’m done telling this story,
what will be left of me?



I long to stand
where you have stood
stand naked where you have stood naked
to feel
the lack of space between us
so close time quickens
and skin tightens
ah, to hear your voice
making love to my ears with your music
stirring echoes of what has been
what never was
to feel your eyes on me
examining me, contemplating me
seeing right through my façade
to breathe
from the same pool of air
inhale your exhale
deeply, I long

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