monstercat rambles

on and on and…



I write for you
for your ears
to hear
no one else’s
You know who you are
are you listening?
do you hear?
can you feel what I’m trying to tell you?
do you care?
How does it feel to be you?
Knowing how I feel about you.

Turned inside out, and bloodied
by rejection
the writer picks up her bruised body
returns to the page
to once again lay bare her soul
only to be rejected again and again and…
by her muse

dark and mercurial, is she
invisible witness
to horrors committed against the Mother
swift and unforgiving, warrior is she
tormented instrument of vengeance

Durga, is she
child of the Elementals and spirit of the Sun

I’m addicted
to words

Left unsaid

I’m stuck, somewhere
in between
where my third eye stirs
on my forehead
tap, tap, tap


The voices inside my head
are starting to repeat themselves

I looked into the eyes of a killer
and threw myself on his knife
I came away bloodied and damaged
and with a smile on my face

you reading this
is as close as a I dare come to you
afraid if I hear your voice
something inside me will collapse
and my life will come undone
the sound of your voice
slipping past your lips
would remind me of the way they trembled
when we kissed
nothing ever sounded sweeter to my ears
than your voice
and nothing ever tasted sweeter on my tongue
than your lips
that is why this is as close as I dare come to you
no closer

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