monstercat rambles

on and on and…

Talking to be ignored
Writing to be heard
Thinking to forget
Imagining to remember

Come to me
my muse
Come to me in the air just above where I fall into dream
and whisper into my ear
words of deception and lust
loyalty and quiet resignation 

Find me
my muse
Find me in the place,
where forgotten memories lie and
stir the music
songs of emptiness and love
tenderness and regret

 Know me
my muse
Know me in the dark,
hollow places of my heart
howl for my pain
cries of anger and fondness
caring and resentment

 Leave me
my muse
Leave me in the imagination
of your presence
glimmers of loss and connection
indifference and sacrifice

Sleep to dream
    a frantic moon
Dream to bleed
    a lustful storm
Bleed to live
    an aching eternity

Moments after the flood
a bitter taste remained on my tongue
left me drunk and delirious

I only ever wanted you
to see me
See the person I’ve become
I’m sure you would
of a few things
But inside
you’d recognize the old me, the teenager
And reflected in my eyes
you’d recognize your 17 year old self
And we’d hear music
the music we were supposed to make

My invisible hands
wrapped tightly around your neck
Need to be seen

Tonight I create chaos
this time in your life
chaos creeping

Words spoken
became lines of demarcation
over which we never crossed back
lines in the quicksand

The Serial Lover

A collector of women
they decorate his walls and his life
come & go, go & come
they do their best
while he does his worst
and gets pain in return
self-inflicted love

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